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Back in November, we shared our new inspection Coordinate Measuring Machine as part of our new machinery updates.  Since that blog post, we have finished the installation of our brand new climate controlled room to house this new machine.  Since PEKO has been expanding its output, our need to increase our inspection capabilities has expanded as well.

DEA advantage CMM inspecting large CNC machined part

The CMM’s inspection room is the fourth dedicated inspection area for CNC machined parts to be added to our facilities.  Since we use many of these CNC machined parts for our major mechanical assemblies, we have to ensure these parts are moving through each process as quickly as possible so we can meet the aggressive time frames of our OEMs.

Pictured left, is the inspection of a part which will be used in one of our Medical assemblies.  With the stringent regulations placed on the Medical industry, PEKO has to know that we have provided our Medical OEM with a machine that meets their corresponding compliance specifications.  When it comes to inspecting any part or assembly that is manufactured for the Medical industry, PEKO employs a Quality Control Department with integrity at its core.  Since we understand that in terms of the Medical industry specifically, remaining compliant to specifications can save someone from a life or death situation down the road.

PEKO is proud to have such a robust Quality Control Department made up of some of the most virtuous employees leading the department’s efforts in producing parts to meet stringent standards.  With the high standards, PEKO constantly looks for ways to continuously improve to remain as an industry leader.

If you’re interested in learning more about our extensive contract manufacturing capabilities, request to speak with one of our engineers today!


Inspector working at work station for DEA advantage inspection machine with CNC machined part

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