Software for Industrial Equipment


PEKO was approached by an industrial equipment company to enhance their product with software improvements to their user-interface and database. This small-sized business did not have the internal resources necessary to complete the software programming and enlisted PEKO to solve the problem. The additional features would simplify and improve the end-user experience and broaden the product’s market.


PEKO’s vast experience with CNC machining, coupled with our robust engineering group provided our customer with the confidence that we could address, and implement, the additional software features and capabilities required. PEKO’s controls engineering team leveraged our internal CNC programming resources to ensure the solution addressed all required improvements while avoiding any possible deficiencies to the product interface. PEKO internally developed a prototype replica system to mimic the actual machine and procedures, which allowed software development to take place in-house. Through iterative collaboration and feedback from the customer, in addition to thorough debugging on the PEKO prototype system, the software was successfully installed into our customer’s industrial equipment, now sold worldwide.


The PEKO developed software exceeded our customer’s requirements and provided a competitive advantage over their industry rivals, allowing them to remain a leader in the marketplace. PEKO continues to work this partner to bring further enhancements to this product, as well as others within their equipment line-up.

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Software for Industrial Equipment

Executive Summary

Industry: Industrial
Company Type: Small
Location: New York


  • 6-12 Month Development

Capabilities Utiilized

  • Controls Engineering


  • Software solution to improve performance and add features
  • Industry leading operator interface
  • Leverage CNC machining experience for software development

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