Cognitive Unit


An early stage medical start-up got involved with PEKO through our relationship with an entrepreneur incubator. The business’ leaders had little manufacturing experience and needed PEKO’s expertize to develop a cost-effective production solution. The product’s initial aesthetically pleasing design was not conducive to large-scale production manufacturing. PEKO was challenged to balance cost and function with a visually appealing product.


PEKO’s 50 years of manufacturing experience allowed us to make various recommendations for cost effective design solutions, while the customer did not have to compromise the “look and feel” of their product’s original prototype. Our mechanical and manufacturing engineers were able to collaborate with our customer to develop a design for the product, which allows for further production optimization as volumes increase to the expected levels. This allows the customer to continue to ramp up production, while limiting large amounts capital investment at this critical early stage of their company. PEKO’s versatile capabilities allowed our customer this flexibility, to make the most effective business decision, while simultaneously laying the foundation for future production.


The customer is able to produce and sell this cost-effective unit, which is still clearly identified with their brand’s vision, while utilizing alternative production methods to meet the initial lower volume demand. These units meet all functional and aesthetic requirements for the company and allow continued sales and cash flow. As sales and production increase to expected levels, there is now a plan for further capital investment to accommodate those quantities without risking the financial well-being of this start-up business.

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Cognitive Unit

Executive Summary

Industry: Medical
Company Type: Start-up
Location: New York


  • 2-3 Month Development
  • 1 Month Prototype Builds

Capabilities Utiilized

  • Some Engineering Disciplines
  • Codes and Regulatory
  • Procurement
  • Packaging and Logistics


  • PEKO leverage industry relationships
  • Balance function with aesthetics
  • Production Flexibility for increased volume

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