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Prototype Capabilities for Contract Manufacturing

Being a high tech Contract Manufacturer means getting involved at the earliest stages of production.  Therefore, PEKO offers prototyping capabilities for our customers.  We utilize our design engineering team to help customers validate proof of concept and make iterative changes before preparing for pilot builds.  PEKO prototype capabilities:

  • Help customers prove a design and functionality
  • Ensure changes can be made and documented for proper future manufacturing
  • Validate process and product requirements
  • Can be quickly leveraged for scale-up builds
  • Provide real time feedback for design or manufacturability improvements
  • Are supported by experienced engineers and toolmakers

The prototype phase is a critical step in the Contract Manufacturing process.  Our team will take your design off the paper and into reality.  You’ll have the chance to come out on our manufacturing floor with our team and carry out all the testing and validation required – another advantage of working with PEKO!

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