Gain 5 Big Advantages By Outsourcing Assemblies / Sub-Assemblies

One of the smartest ways for OEMs to do more and make more with lower costs is to outsource assembly and subassembly processes and utilize turnkey assembly. What are the advantages?

Sub Assembly and Higher-Level Contract Assembly

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Sub-Assembly and Higher-Level Contract Assembly

Sub-assembly services round out our mechanical and electro-mechanical contract manufacturing service offerings.  Years ago, our high-end customers encouraged PEKO to combine our expertise in manufacturing complex machinery with our ability to run production component parts.  What was born was a contract assembly and sub-assembly service that has blossomed into one of our most important functional areas.

We encourage you to come to PEKO with bills of materials, CAD models, and detailed drawings for our review.  During the sub-assembly quoting process, we will check for cost-down opportunities, DFMA ideas, supply chain issues, and lead time concerns.  Let us align your demand schedule with our internal manufacturing schedule to ensure you get what you need when you need it.

PEKO’s proprietary systems and personnel give our customers the ability to purchase higher-level assemblies with ease. Customers realize they can drastically reduce overhead, lead times, and vendors by using PEKO as a contract sub assembly provider.  Whether we are manufacturing the components with our precision parts division and integrating them into your assembly or managing the purchase of multiple spec’d components and performing integration at the line, PEKO will create a custom program to fit your business.


At PEKO, we become an extension of your manufacturing team by assigning program management personnel and a dedicated assembly work cell for your program.  Our robust planning and purchasing teams manage the individual components to ensure they arrive at the line on time and within specification.  Our assembly teams work closely with the customer to ensure the processes are well defined, documented, and verified.  PEKO’s successes with major OEMs looking to free up manufacturing space as well as smaller companies who have minimal assembly and sub-assembly systems in place have made us one of the world’s best contract assembly providers.

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